in-mocion is a school of creativity applied to team projects.

We design trainings for individuals, teams and companies.

Our courses focus on facilitation (meeting design), co-creation, design thinking and on creative process as a cross-cutting theme.

We design trans-formative experiences with our own specific methodology based on training on being, doing and thinking how to do.

We find our inspiration within different Design disciplines, Dramatic Arts and Communication practices that boost the learning process.

We propose a framework for the group and the individual that fosters creativity, reflection, generosity, practice and experimentation for learning.

We are a team of professionals passionate about our disciplines and willing to pass on our knowledge.
We are a group of people – teachers and students – keen to share, to learn and to co-create.

*We train on – for the moment – Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Service Design, Design Research, Facilitation and Meeting Design, Ideation, Creative Problem Solving, Visual Thinking and Bodystorming.

A training for you

If you want to learn with in-mocion, take a look at the face-to-face courses that we conduct. For the moment most of them are in Madrid (Spain) and soon available in France.

A training for your company or your team

Find out more about our in-company trainings. If you are looking for a tailor-made course for your team, drop us an email to and tell us what you have in mind.
We give courses, workshops and talks in Spanish, English, French and Italian and we move all around the world.

Sources of in-spiration

Creativity, strategic design, books, videos or podcasts recommendations…We aim to share inspiration through our blog’s posts and newsletters. If you would like to receive the newsletter, fill the form below and sign up for it!
Note: even though we write mostly in Spanish, many of the references are in English.

  • We have had the pleasure to train your teams.

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