Trainings for your company

We design tailor-made trainings for your team or company.

Designing tailor-made trainings, together

We adapt the courses to your team’s context and needs, according to the time available, your budget and the learning goals. We make sure that the objectives are achievable and the number of participants is adequate in order to make the most of the training.

When needed, we can help you define the learning needs of your team. Our suggestions are based on both the professional experience we have in the disciplines taught and on our experience as trainers.

Reflection and practice: the keys to learning

The trainings include different parts:

  • theory: brief and actionable
  • collective reflection: it helps the participants take the knowledge in and start thinking about how they could apply the theory to their field,
  • practice: hands-on training, application of the theory. There is always a practical part in our trainings, although it could vary depending on the time available and the number of participants.

We call “courses” those trainings that last more and have a longer theoretical part.
Our “workshops” are shorter and more than half of the training is focused on learning by doing.

We give courses, workshops and talks in Spanish, English, French and Italian. We work mainly in Europe but we are available to move all around the world.

Some examples of the trainings we design

Have a look at some of the courses and workshops we created for different organisations and teams:

  • Workshop: Facilitation (Meeting Design) in “petit comité” – 20 hours
  • Workshop: Deep dive into User Journey and Blueprint. Deepening Service Design skills. – 21 hours
  • Course: Service Design – 40 hours
  • Workshop: introduction to Design Thinking – 2 days
  • Workshop: ideation and creative processes – 6 hours
  • Workshop: introduction to Visual Thinking – 4 hours
  • One to one sessions: Facilitation, Service Design or Design Research (different levels)

  • We have had the pleasure to train your teams.

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